Has there ever been a better time to play golf in the UK?

Whilst the economic climate around the world is poor for most things in life, for a golfer in the UK it presents terrific opportunities for golf on the cheap, or should that be value for money

Over the last 40 years golf clubs have enjoyed a boom time, the cost of green fees and club entrance fees have soared. It was not so long ago that most golf clubs would have a waiting list of up to seven years before a golfer was able to join as a member. But how times have changed. Now golf clubs are very lucky indeed if they a waiting list at all. These days’ clubs are only too glad to take your money by offering almost instant membership, as this revenue is vital to keep the club on a sound financial footing.

Most clubs have even dropped the dreaded joining fee and even more dreaded interest free loans to entice new members to their club, all that the new member has to pay is the yearly fees. Clubs still holding out for a joining fee on top of annual subscription are either so popular that they already have a full quota of members, or if not full, have their “heads buried in the sand” and are holding out in the wrong belief that their club is somehow more prestigious that other clubs in the area.

Even the previous stumbling block of not knowing a member of the particular club you wish to join to propose you for membership has disappeared. If you have the funds and approach most clubs for membership they are delighted to accept you with only a cursory investigation in to your previous history. Money now talks!

Golfers, should they now wish, are able to become quite fluid and flit from club to club, year on year, without the previous restrictions of a long waiting list and cost of paying a joining fee at each club.

Within a 20-mile radius of Telford in Shropshire there are over 20 full size golf courses. Of those, 17 do not charge a joining fee. One charges a £50.00 joining fee with an annual fee of £590 per year, still great value at just under £12 per week, the other Club charges a £45 joining fee on top of the small yearly subscription. Only one Golf Club, according to their current web site, charges a joining fee, interest free loan and annual subscription totaling almost £1700 in the first year. That is equivalent to almost 3 years worth of golf from several, high quality neighbouring clubs. Which option would you chose?

Examples of such diverse membership deals without a joining fee or loan payable to the club are illustrated by two courses near to each other just outside Bridgnorth. They are both 18-hole full size course situated in fabulous countryside where you can feel at peace with the world. One, Severn Meadows, offers fantastic value for money with full membership for just £395 per annum, the other the magnificent Astbury Hall, where for £1000 a year you can play at a relatively new course that has had millions spent in order to maintain the highest of standards and can be rightfully regarded as one of the best course in Shropshire.

Even golfers who cannot afford to join a club are still able to get a terrific deal from any number of clubs and Internet tee booking sites offering a great green fee rate. Those clubs holding out for a higher green fee rate, again because they seemingly value their course too highly to give such a deal, are missing out on a great revenue source.
So get the clubs out and have some exercise at a club near you that is offering great value for money.

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