Golf Tips

Here are a number of golf tips.

The list is not exhaustive, so if you have a golf tip of your own let us know.

Golf Tips arriving at course:

Always get to the course with plenty of time to spare before starting.

Do not arrive in a rush minutes before teeing off as your mind and body will not be settled and ready for the game ahead.

Hit balls into a net or on the practise ground for at least 5 minutes to help warm up the muscles and to promote a good rhythm.

If not able to hit balls then swing 2 clubs together backwards and forwards several times to help warm up the muscles.

Practise chip shots from different positions to gain feel.

Practise putting from various lengths to understand pace.

Golf Tips before play:

Before hitting your first tee shot, breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth slowly 3 times to help relax the body.

Walk round at an even pace to keep yourself relaxed.

A relaxed golfer plays better than an up tight, tense golfer.

Plan your round before you start, and stick to it. Treat it like a game of chess and plot each shot.
Check the wind direction on each shot.

Golf Tips during play:

Remember, the more loft on a club the easier it is to hit a good shot, do not gamble on distance alone.

Do not rush playing a shot until you have a clear idea of the shot you want to play.

Play away from trouble. Do not just hit and hope. If the trouble is on the right, tee your ball on the far right of the tee and play away from the hazard.

If you always play a certain hole badly, play for position with a more lofted club to the widest part of the fairway.

If you are in trouble, play out safely and accept your mistake. Playing the bold recovery usually leads to more problems and a big score.

If you have played a hole badly or hit a poor shot, do not dwell on it; close it out of your mind as the professionals do.

Replaying a bad shot in the mind will only erode confidence. Forget it; concentrate only on the next shot.

Around the green try to play shots low to the ground. Make the ball run.

Error is increased when hitting the high lob shot, unless it is a strong part of your game.

In a bunker take sand before the ball and always follow through, never chip it out.

Keep very still when you putt as body movement can alter the club face direction.

Remember to accelerate the putter head at impact, don’t quit on the putt.

On putts less than 3’ long hit straight at the hole, never borrow.

Golf Tips on reflection:

Always accept victory with good grace, next time you may not be so lucky!

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