Perfect Vision for Golf

For the last 40 years I have worn contact lenses every day. I was introduced to them by an eye doctor in Hamburg, Germany to whom I was giving golf lessons at the time. I have much preferred playing golf in contact lenses than wearing glasses. Playing in the rain in glasses is not much fun and equally during the height of summer glasses feel quite uncomfortable slipping down your nose due to perspiration.

As we age we are aware that vision is not quite as sharp as it once was when we were younger. Good sight with contact lenses has never been a problem for me until the last few years when I began to notice an unbalance with my vision when looking quickly to the side, the same when looking down at steps and also when looking from the ball to the hole when lining up a put. Over the last four or five years I also found my eyes would stream with tears if the weather became cold or if I was out in windy conditions and my eyes felt quite sore and looked red. In fact trying to play on a windy day was near impossible as my contact lenses would be swilling about on my eyes through the excessive amount of tears. I also found it difficult to pick up the flight of the ball and to see it land on dull days. I became concerned that all was not well particularly as my current optician did not seem able to rectify these problems. I thought it prudent to seek the advice of a contact lens specialist. The Contact Lens Practice, in Birmingham had been recommended to me, so I booked an appointment and went along.

What a revelation! I should have changed to this optician years ago! The whole process from optometrist Geoff Wilson, a genius at fitting suitable lenses from a huge range on offer and his capable staff that led me through a series of eye tests, was a thoroughly professional experience. A number of specialist machines were used to carry out a whole range of tests on my eyes that I had never experienced before. Including eye pressure, field of vision, a computer print of both my retina and cornea together with a machine that automatically tests the error of vision in both eyes. No longer do you have to suffer a pair of glasses in front of your eyes with different strength of lens popped in to determine the correct prescription. A wonderful machine called The Electronic Refractor Head that contains all the trial lenses for testing your sight automatically checks and records the prescription required for each eye.

I was found to be suffering from astigmatism and misshapen cornea. The latter due to poorly fitted lenses supplied by my previous optician resulting in my eye problems. Not many opticians can fit contact lenses for astigmatism so I knew that I was in safe hands. I was prescribed a new type of hard lens that transmits the most oxygen possible into the eye when being worn and also incorporates Ultra Violet absorption to protect against Cataracts. They feel superb and so light as if I am not really wearing them at all. I can now venture out and play golf on a cold windy day. Tears no longer stream down my face. My eyes are no longer red and sore and my vision is clear and sharp. The relief is wonderful to know that my eyes have been thoroughly tested by experts and I look forward to wearing contact lenses for years to come

I would strongly recommend that if you are having any sort of trouble with your contact lenses or vision, or if you are fed up wearing glasses on the golf course and are contemplating contact lenses then go to the experts and visit The Contact Lens Practice in Birmingham. You will be treated with a professional service of the highest order and a look at their web site will show how different they are from ordinary opticians. There you can view the wonderful array of sophisticated specialist machines used to test your eyes to give a perfect contact lens fit or even a new pair of glasses if required.


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