Selecting The Right Golf Club

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It’s not difficult to begin noticing differences between golf clubs, once you have acquired the skills to get the ball in the air. According to the rules of the golf, a golfer is permitted to transport 14 clubs. Which of the 14 golf clubs the golfer decides to carry is fully up to the golfer? The best golfers generally transport the same golf clubs each week, but they also have a few golf clubs they alter depending on the golf course and its characteristics. A particular golf course may lead a golfer to add an extra wedge, an extra long iron such as a 1 or 2 iron of even an extra wood such as a 5 or7 wood. High-caliber golfers know it pays off to spend a little time to find the mix of golf clubs that will afford them to play the shots that the golf course requires. When mastering golf club selection, a new golfers challenge is to understand the different ways certain golf clubs affect the golf ball.

A new golfer may find it to be a bit too much to carry 14 golf clubs. It’s not a bad idea to begin with a short set of two woods, four or five irons and a putter. It is still important, however, to find out as soon as possible what the assorted golf clubs do to the golf ball so that you can understand the basic reasoning behind transporting 14 golf clubs.

As for the general rule, the lower the number of the golf club, the lower the trajectory as well as the longer the golf ball will travel in air. This concept not only applies to irons, but to wood golf clubs as well. Wedges normally give the golf ball the highest trajectory and shortest flight as well as the most on the spin. This causes the golf ball to stop abruptly as it lands. As you move to lower-numbered iron of golf clubs, expect the ball flight to be longer and lower as the ball will spin much less. A 5 or 7 wood golf club can easily repiece the lowest – numbered iron clubs since the wood golf clubs are generally easier to use.

As you move to lower-numbered wood golf clubs down to the driver, the ball will normally travel farther. The driver is used mostly off the tee box. However, good golfers can use it from the fairway if the lie is good and they desire to hit the golf ball as far as possible. Upon progress, it is significant to learn how far you hit every club in your golf bag.

LPGA golfer Carin Koch says that women shouldn’t transport iron golf clubs lower than 4 or 5 and can actually complete their sets of golf clubs with a 7,9 9 or 11 wood golf club. The actual club selection is achieved during the preparation phase for the shot. While preparing for the shot, you can stand behind the golf ball and gather as much information as desired. To determine the lie of the golf ball, check the wind. Are you playing in wet or arid conditions? How is the landing area? You need to seriously consider the circumstances when choosing the proper golf club.

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