Utilizing The 5 Best Moves In Golf

Post by Victor Nunn.

Although sometimes portrayed as a daunting sport that requires intense concentration (not to mention self-control from throwing your clubs in a lake), golf is easier to learn and excel at than one might think. With these five simple actions, you too can become an excellent golfer.

The first action I will discuss is that of the foot. The positioning of a golfer’s feet is instrumental in creating a solid foundation for the player’s stance. You can choose one of three stances: the square, the closed, or the open stance. The square stance is the basic stance and requires both feet to be equidistant from the line of flight between the ball and the target. The closed stance consists of the left foot nearer to the line of flight then the right. The closed stance is desirable for players wishing to hook the ball. The open stance requires that the right foot be closer to the line of flight then the left, which creates an opportune position from which to slice or fade the ball.

The next step marries foot action with leg and knee action. This move, which when executed consists of the legs moving in the shape of the letter K, is critical in creating a balanced and powerful swing. Start by rolling your left foot back against your braced right leg, and keep your motions in sync.

The third step is a combination of loading momentum and preparing for the downswing. Turn your shoulders against your right hip; the more flexibly this move is executed, the more powerful the downswing becomes. The left shoulder will become tucked under your chin as your body prepares for the downswing and momentum is built.

Fourth, utilize the power of your forearms to swing the club downward and connect with the ball. Focusing on the ball and, subsequently, the place the ball was after it is hit ensures maximum contact performance. Make sure to follow through completely as well.

Finally, the fifth action one should take to execute their golf swing is maintenance of hand/wrist positioning. First, line up the knuckles closest to the fingertips on your bottom hand (right if you’re right-handed, left if you’re left-handed) with the knuckles furthest from the hands on your top hand. Then grip the club firmly, and step up to take that swing… you’ve mastered it now.

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